Common LED Lighting Questions

Below are a list of the most common LED lighting questions we are asked. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

What is LED lighting?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights and tubes use diodes instead of gases or heated filaments to produce light, making them the most energy efficient lighting option available.

Are LED globes safe?

Yes, LED downlight globes emit 90% less heat than halogen globes. They reduce fire risk because they operate at a much lower temperature. They do not contain mercury or other harmful gases or emit any harmful UV rays.

Why should I change from halogen globes to LED downlight globes?

Halogen downlights use outdated an inefficient technology. A typical halogen downlight will cost $25 in electricity to run each year. In comparison an equivalent LED will cost $3 in electricity to run each year. That’s why all new houses and extensions now use LEDs.

LED lights are highly energy efficient and produce high quality light with little heat. They produce 90% less heat compared to halogen globes; therefore saving on household cooling. LED lights are an eco-friendly form of lighting as less energy used means less CO2 emissions.

Can you install LEDs if I don’t already have downlights?

Yes, in single storey homes.

What are the benefits of changing to LEDs?

LED lights are energy efficient, they reduce power consumption by up to 89%* compared to halogen globes. They are cost effective, durable and have a long lifespan. They generate little heat compared to halogen globes, and therefore reduce the risk of fire hazards that are caused by halogen globes.

Do LED globes cost more than halogen globes?

LED downlight globes will ensure energy savings and the globes will pay for themselves in just over a year through savings on energy bills. The cost of purchasing LED lights have significantly decreased over the last couple of years.

Is it difficult to replace halogen downlight globes with LED downlight globes?

Replacing your halogen globes with energy efficient LED downlight globes is relatively easy. All LED downlights will be installed by an A Grade licensed electrician.

Can my LED globes be used with a dimmer?

Yes, we install LED downlight globes to work with dimmers. We can also convert your light switches to dimmable switches for an additional fee.